8 comments on “Are You ‘Dependent or Independent’? A Question of Success

  1. Good Post, I love being in New Orleans where there are a lot of unique “mom n pop” restaurants that serve great food! While franchises are nice, a local place that is truly unique to a city is just special…and tasty.

    • Thank you, Mr. Fed Up! I appreciate your feedback. I too much prefer the ‘cosy, warm’ feeling you have when you walk into a Restaurant or Cafe, and someone smiles, and greets you at the door. Food and environment will be the determining factor in success. Healthy is the way to go. I strongly believe that. We are well informed today about what is healthy and vital to maintaining good health.

      My ultimate plan is to have just that .. warm environment, healthy food, and a versatile menu – all served with a smile from a friendly and caring employee.


    • My dear Eva … not only do I plan to have decaf tea, but loose leaf as well.
      And if you don’t come for a visit to the Cafe, I will be hurt! Meal and tea will be on me, for you and hubby!

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