3 comments on “Baby Blue – Beyond the Rocking Cradle

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  2. I was actually living in Toronto with my first baby at the time of the Dr. Killinger-Johnson case took place. I remember feeling angry. I remember feeling the wonderful bliss of my first time parenthood & was atop the world. I couldnt relate. Until, 9 years later when I had my second child. I struggled soo desperately with my own experience of “post-pardom depression”… It was a nightmare and I couldn’t believe it was happening to me. Thank God at that point i knew of blogging, & internet advice! I Googled EVERYTHING!!!! I found soo much comfort in others sharing their own experience but more importantly their triumphs with Baby Blues and PPD!! We are all well & my children are both years older now but, it was not always easy. I thank you for sharing this post. I was actually just googling to see whatever became of Killingers Husband & family. We wish them well now. If you or someone you know is suffering from Baby Blues or PPD, be sure to gift them a phone call, a hand of support, a loving ear, or a push for them to go see their Doctor to ask about their feelings and get support!!

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