9 comments on “Mommy Dearest – “Seeking Justice”

  1. May People always remember what Travesty of a Case this was!
    Let’s never forget that the Victim Caylee Marie never received Justice and the Person responsible for her Death is allowed to walk free and never had to account for what she has done to her own Daughter.
    We, the People seen with the Rest of the World how it came to the NOT Guilty Verdict in this Murder Case, it had nothing to do with the Truth or a Lack of Evidence the Prosecution presented or for that Matter a Over Charge in this Case.
    It had everything to do with the Defense and the Anthony Family to twist facts around over 3 Years and covering up for the Accused as far as tempering with Evidence and even perjury on the Stand by Cindy Anthony and the Anthony’s going along with the Defense Theory that Caylee drowned in the family Pool and George being accused of molesting Casey as a Child and even maybe Caylee, nothing could be proven and no Charges were brought against George, he denied all of it and that was the end of it.
    Jurors ignored all the other factual Evidence which pointed the Finger straight to one Person the Accused Casey Anthony.
    The Jurors bought the fictional Opening Statement by the Defense and closed their Minds on all the other Evidence! George and Cindy played along with the Defense and were ok with ALL of it!
    It was a sad Day for Justice and People will always remember what really happened in this Case and that Day when a Murderer was sent free to go on with her Life like Caylee never existed and the Rest of the family is ok with all of that and keep on supporting and enabling their Daughter who they know is responsible for Caylee’s Death!
    How any one can be rewarded for All they have done to help their Daughter to get away with Murder in spite of all the damaging Evidence is beyond my Understanding and how they can live a happy and normal Life as a family like nothing happened I will never understand!
    May everything they deserve so richly come their Way, that is my Hope and Wish! JMO

    • Thank you, Hilde, for your opinion. I appreciate it very much, and am grateful to know I am not alone in my feelings about this case, the verdict, and the shame that has been wrought upon humanity. I am thankful in the knowledge that little Caylee will not be forgotten.

      I cannot agree more that the Anthony family has no right to carry on as ‘normal’, enabling and condoning their daughter’s / sister’s behaviour. How is it possible that they honestly loved little Caylee, when they aid in the cover-up of her murder and accept the verdict in the case? That cannot possibly be what we term as, ‘normal’.

      Millions were outraged at the verdict, and rightfully so. Casey cannot be tried twice for the murder, so will never have any consequences to face, while a helpless child no longer walks this earth, because her own mother stole her young life. Where is the justice for Caylee? Investigators, I am sure, will not invest time and resources in trying to find the truth now – they know who killed Caylee, and know it is a waste to hunt for another suspect.

      My heart breaks at the thought of what happened to Caylee, and how she must have suffered just before she died. Did she look up into the eyes of her momma, begging for help, confused, and struggling for air? How can anyone do something so vile to another human, let alone their own child? A helpless creature. A Blessing from God.

      I have no ‘shadow of doubt’ in my mind who Caylee’s killer is. Most people won’t. I am offended and appalled at the verdict. It is a crime against humanity. What kind of society do we live in that allows a child-killer to walk free? Why is there no justice for victims like Caylee?. It is reprehensible to say that it was a civilised society allowed it to happen.


  2. However angry and disappointed I am just like so many other People who followed that Case carefully from the Beginning and wanted the Person responsible for this heinous Crime, Casey Anthony to put behind Bars, it is a Relief to know,even it it looks like she and all the others helped her is getting away scott free, there will be a Price to pay!
    I am certain of that, it will take time and when we are not even thinking about this Felon it will happen and she will show up in the News again
    and I have a Feeling it won’t be good News and that will also apply to the Rest of them who played a Part in this Tragedy in a bad Way.
    Life just has a way catching up with You when You done something really bad and it won’t be any different in this Case! They will destroy each other, Greed and Mistrust will play a Big Role in their Life, especially in the Anthony family. They will make each other miserable as time goes on, no matter how hard they pretend to be the perfect family unit. JMO
    Amarissa, thanks for a great Post 🙂
    keep up the good work, we should never forget what has happened in this Case and that the Killer was not held responsible!
    Let’s remember this as long as it takes and try to do everything we can, that something like that will not happen again.

  3. You are right, Hilde, there is always a price to be paid. We have to hope the price fits the crime in this, and every case.

    We can only hope to prevent something like this from happening again. If we ever faced a crime like this again, it would be too soon. It is calamitous that these things do occur – a disgrace to civilised society.

    That Casey walked free is a travesty, that Caylee paid the ultimate price for her mother’s insanity is a tragedy. One we are not likely to ever forget.

    Thank you for your kind words, Hilde!

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