2 comments on ““How Sweet Art Thou Words To Me”? – Is it considered child abuse?

  1. These 2 girls lives mirror the home I was raised in and results have been similar. My younger sister is a success at work but has a lot of trouble with relationships. It was amazing to read the story and analysis.

    • Thank you for commenting, Shannon!

      It really is astounding how common these ‘cases’ are in society. These forms of child abuse are all too often overlooked. Sad, but oh, so true. What we can say, is it is a Blessing to know that some of these abused children can stop the cycle and will raise their own children in an abuse free environment. There is so much pressure in society to be successful, parents often forget that children are not verbal punching bags. Another common factor is stress in a marriage. That too can lead to both parties taking it out on their young.

      Child abuse in any form needs to come to a screeching and final end!

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